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By submitting this form I am acknowledging that I have failed to do my job. I understand that showing up at an aquatic facility DOES NOT assert that "I am working". Failure to document clocking in/out with SecureTime on the GoAquatix App is failing to do my job. I am required to document the 4 (four) points; 1. Hours Worked 2. Swim Tests 3. Hourly, Daily & Weekly Duties 4. Required Reports each day that I arrive to the facility. Failure to complete the tasks mentioned is failure to do my job. I understand that I am not entitled to any pay requested but am asking the company to manually research my request. I understand that this request can take the company up to 4 weeks to accommodate. My request is subject to minimum wage rules. I have read and understand the Company's Payroll Packet and agree to all terms. Thank you for helping me in researching my request.